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Article: Get Ready to Play: A Comprehensive Guide to Beer Pong Rules

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Beer Pong

Get Ready to Play: A Comprehensive Guide to Beer Pong Rules

Are you ready to take your beer pong game to the next level? Whether you're a seasoned pro or a complete beginner, learning the rules of this drinking game can help you become a master at playing the game. In this blog, we'll cover the basics of beer pong, from the rules and regulations to common mistakes and tips on how to use reusable party cups. So grab your beer and let's get started! Let's take a look at the general game procedure, accessories required, and the official rules of beer pong, as well as some variations and tips to help you play like a pro.

Required Accessories

  • 2-4 Players (1 team mate & 1 or 2 opponents)
  • 2 Ping Pong Balls
  • 12-22 Red Cups
  • Beer (drink of choice)
  • Beer Pong Table (or regular table)

Basic Rules

  • Every player on a team throws one ball per round.
  • The teams take turns throwing the ball.
  • When a ball lands in a cup, it must be drunk.
  • The elbow must always stay behind the edge of the table when throwing.
  • If both players hit a cup, the team may throw again ("balls back").
  • If both players hit the same cup, three cups are drunk ("bomb").
  • If a player announces a stand-alone cup and hits it, two cups are drunk ("island").
  • When the last cup has been hit, the team has a "redemption shot."
    • If the team hits redemption, the game continues.
    • If the team misses redemption, the game ends.

Official Beer Pong Rules

The set-up and materials

  • 12–22 Red Cups (500 ml)
  • 2-4 table tennis balls (2.7 g)
  • 1 Table (Between 5 to 8ft)

On both sides of the table, place ten (or six) Red Cups in a pyramid shape and align the pyramid tip towards the centre of the table. Fill each cup with liquid to the same line (usually 50–100 ml per cup).

Optional: You can use a water cup to clean the balls after a made shot, which may be placed on each side.

The General Game Procedure

Beer Pong is usually played between two teams of two people each. Both team members try to throw the ball into the opposing team's cups each round. If a ball lands in a cup, it must be drunk after both balls have been thrown and before the team's next round. Balls must always be removed from the cups immediately. The team that eliminates all of the opposing team's cups first wins!

Since there are many different variations of Beer Pong, special rules should be mentioned before the game begins so that everyone can agree on them.

Decide Who Begins | Rock, Paper, Scissors

The first game of Beer Pong is decided by "Rock, Paper, Scissors." For sequential games, the loser of the last game gets the balls.

Rule 1: Elbow

When throwing, the player's elbow should never go over the edge of the beer pong table. If this fundamental rule is not followed, the shot taken does not count, and the other team gets the ball.

Rule 2: Balls Back

If both team members hit a cup in the same round, the team gets the balls back and is allowed to throw again. The cups are removed before the second throw.

Rule 3: Rearrange (Re-Rack)

You can rearrange your cups once per game. You are allowed to do this when you've hit at least 50% of the cups. This also has to be called at the beginning of a turn, not after a "balls back" because the turn is still going.

Rule 4: Bounce Shot

If a player bounces the ball off the tabletop into a cup, the opposing team must drink two cups. However, the opposing team may slap the ball away or catch it after it has bounced.

Rule 5: Adjust (Rack)

During the course of the game, players can ask the opposing team to bring their cups back into shape if they are knocked or are not standing as they should be.

Rule 6: Finger or Blow

If a ball is thrown and is circling around in a red cup, it may be either blown out or fingered to make the shot not count. If the ball gets wet, however, the shot counts. As a rule: men finger, women suck!

Rule 7: Dead Man's Cup

When a ball lands in a cup, it should be drunk immediately. But if it is not drunk and is in the hand of a player or on the table, that team automatically loses if the cup is hit again by the other team. Dead cups are therefore extremely dangerous and is the reason why you want to skull your drink when it's hit.

Rule 8: Trick Shot

Trick shots can happen in two ways. The first is if the ball rolls back over to the shooter's side of the table after being shot. Or if the ball bounces off the rim and is caught with one hand. A trick shot means it's the thrower's turn again, but the shot has to be a "trick," for example, by closing their eyes or shooting with your left.

Rule 9: Bomb

If both team members get their balls in the same cup, the "bomb" rule applies. Three cups are removed from the opposing side, and the team receives both balls back and is allowed to throw again.

Rule 10: On Fire

If a player hits a shot two rounds in a row, he can shout "heating up," and in the case of hitting a third shot, they may continue shooting until he misses.

Rule 11: Island

This rule can be used once per game by each player. If a cup stands by itself (without touching others), the player can say "island." If the cup is hit, the shooter may choose a second cup for the opponent to drink. However, if the player accidentally hits another cup, the hit will not count.


In conclusion, beer pong is a fun and exciting drinking game that can be enjoyed by people of all skill levels. By understanding the basic rules and regulations, along with some common variations, you'll be able to take your game to the next level and impress your friends. Remember to always play responsibly and to always follow the rules to ensure that everyone has a good time. With a little practice and some skill, you'll be able to master the art of beer pong and become a pro in no time. So grab some friends, some beers, and let the games begin!

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