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Based on 90 reviews
Pro cups

These things are perfect for home great in the dishwasher


Great product, also very happy we actually received 2 snorkels instead of one

Fantastic purchase! Proven to work with drunk individuals.

I bought these cups over a year ago and have used them at least twice a month for beer pong and general drinking duties and they've been rock solid 👌 I was hesitant at first regarding the price but they've paid for themselves and can double as great drink cups for a small event. Some very minor chips in the finish on a couple of cups now but that's on cups that have been thrown around and treated rough 😅 highly recommend!

Elevate your drinking experience with these cups

Perfect for a holiday with my girls (who insist on bringing plastic disposables for beer pong). It both reduced waste, and drastically improved my drinking experience, much to the envy of the girls drinking cider from their fragile plastic cups.

Beer Pong Balls ✨

Good Quality Cups!

These cups have proven themselves to withstand the test of drunk people... well done guys!

Great cups

Don’t tip as they advise

Sustainable option compared to plastic cups.

As someone who is deeply committed to protecting the environment, I am always on the lookout for products that align with my values. That's why I was thrilled to discover these stainless steel cups.

I'm thoroughly impressed.

The vibrant orange colour makes them incredibly easy to spot, even after a few beers. The quality is top-notch, they feel great in your hand and they bounce just as they should. I highly recommend these balls to anyone looking to up their beer pong game. They're a must-have for any serious player.

An excellent choice for any drinking game.

They've got a stylish look, built to last, and are good for the environment, what's not to love? The sound they make when you sink a shot is the cherry on top, it's bloody unbelievable.


I am in love with my Red Cups! They clean so well too by hand washing - will keep you guys in mind when shopping for birthday presents :)


Holds water well

Fantastic product; we intend to reorder.

They're high quality and will last a long time. Even though they're not dishwasher friendly, I was able to use them dozens of times by giving them a good hand wash after each use. When their time has come, I will dispose of them in the recycling bin.

Recyclable Party Cups
Christopher H.

The practicality and durability of these cups exceed my expectations. A much better option than using disposable cups.

the perfect present!

I bought these for my work Kris Kringle and they were a huge hit! Such a great present idea… everyone else was jealous 😂

Recyclable Party Cups
Jacqueline Q.
Better than plastic!

We prefer these aluminium cups over the plastic cups! 🤗 Considering that these cups may be reused, the price difference between them and plastic is certainly justifiable. I have hand washed them over and over. They still look brand new! When using these, we haven't noticed any metallic aftertaste. Thanks a bunch ✨

These cups are GREAT!

Bought these for my daughter's 14th birthday party, they were perfect! I didn't have a single child ask for a new cup because they broke or smashed it... AMAZING WORK TEAM!

If you bring these to a party, your friends will love you, especially if you tell them they can t...

The coolness level of these cups is through the roof. They are very durable and dishwasher safe, but I wash mine by hand. Put them in the recycling bin? In what universe do you live in? Use and re-use.

Finally an environmentally sustainable party cup! 🥹

I hated buying plastic cups because they were rather flimsy and found sometimes when I held it, the cup cracked. Secondly, they are damaging to the environment. I never felt good about the amount of waste they created. Glad I got these, great alternative and priced reasonably too. 😊

Don't blow over in the wind!

The cups are lighter than I thought they would be, but they are still heavy enough that they don't blow over in the wind, which is a huge plus!

Great alternative to plastic.
I play a lot of beer pong and now have a set of eco-friendly, long-lasting cups.

help your wallet and the planet
Great product, easy clean up and can re-use them.

Cups are good, I originally thought the price was bit much, but now that I’ve used them it was definitely worth every cent

Thanks Bradley! Appreciate the love, and how the price was worth it! Welcome to the Red Cup Club ❤️

Absolutely Love them! Gave them to my daughter for her 18th bday. Best features are they're unbreakable and don't condensate like a glass. I hope u get lots of sales coz everyone was gonna get some after using hers. Cheers