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PRE-ORDER: Red Cup - Aluminium Party Cup ♻️ (12 Cups per Pack)

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Red Cup: Aluminium is in a class of its own! While it isn't single-use, it also won't last forever alike the Red Cup: Stainless Steel

Keep yourself refreshed this summer with our "Stay Cool" experience...  🧊

  • Endlessly Recyclable: Aluminium recycles endlessly without losing quality ♻️
  • Sturdiest Cup on the Market: Our cup will hold shape when gripped firmly or filled to the brim 🍺
  • Designed for Crazy Parties & Drinking Games: Unlike our Stainless Steel Red Cup don't stress too much about sticky finger friends nipping these at a party, being affordable you can always buy more 🎉
  • More Fun, Less Stress: Enjoy birthday parties, holidays & get-togethers more by reducing the next day clean-up/dishwashing...  simply sip, refill & recycle. Grab a couple 12-packs so everyone gets a party cup 🤩 

Sip on a cold drink... being lightweight but sturdy our cup keeps your drink cooler for longer, so treat yourself with the "Stay Cool" experience today! 🥶

*** To arrive mid/late Jan 2022!