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Red Cup - Stainless Steel Party Cup 🎊

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Our Stainless Steel Party Cup has revolutionary UPRIGHT Technology™  instantly expels cups tipping over! 🥳

  • Effortless to Clean (Simply rinse & dry) 🧼
  • Superior Cold Drinks (Keeps your drink colder for longer) 🥶
  • Designed for Drinking Games (Beer Pong, Rage Cage) 🎉
  • Reuse for Life (Never buy party cups again) ♻️
  • Buy more, Save more (Our bundles allow you to save money) 🤑
  • HOLDTIGHT™ Coating (Making Red Cups™ less slippery and easier to hold)   ✊🏽

Our UPRIGHT Technology™ lays in the extra weight of the Red Cup rim! 🤯 The Red Cup is designed to pull force down into the base of the cup, preventing it from tipping over or blowing in the wind no matter how empty or full your cup is! 🌬️