Natural And Safe Remedies For Infertility

Natural And Safe Remedies For Infertility

When couples who want more than anything in the world to conceive a child, find that it isn’t as easy for them as it seems to be for all their friends, life can sometimes seem bleak. This is especially true after years of going to expensive doctors, paying for costly drugs, and having various procedures performed. The good news is that there are simple natural remedies for infertility that often get results.

For years, alternative health professionals have made a controversial statement that has recently been scientifically validated by research in Scotland and also Amsterdam. Left with the choice of doing nothing for fertility problems or seeking standard medical treatment, doing absolutely nothing improves one’s chances of having children.

The drugs they use are not merely ineffective, but they come with dangerous side effects. How ironic it is that patients may pay tens of thousands of dollars for their chances of having children to be reduced while having to deal with the negative effects of toxic drugs or painful procedures.

There is good news, though. Natural remedies often work, and they never have side effects that can endanger your health. The lack of fertility is a health and a nutrition issue but rarely is it a medical issue. It is never caused by a deficiency of fertility drugs.

Like all sickness, it’s brought on by cellular malfunction, which in turn, is caused by a deficiency of nutrients and/or toxicity. The simple solution is always detoxification and added nutrition, and there are different ways to go about it.

First and foremost, an infertile couple should change their dietary choices. They need to switch grocery stores. Conventional stores are filled with fake foods that have very little to zero nutritional value and are just packed with poisons. They should eat mostly raw, all organic food.

Yes, that even includes the produce section. Those veggies and fruits were grown with pesticides and in soil that is devoid of minerals. That means the nutrition is almost nil and the toxicity is great. Pesticides, by the way, contain xenoestrogens, which interfere with fertility by disrupting hormonal activity.

You may argue that your friends haven’t changed their diets and they all have children, but the fact is people are affected differently by different things. Your friends are having (or will have) other health issues due to their conventional diet.

Ancient Chinese medicine offers numerous effective remedies for infertility, including several herbs and acupuncture. You should also quit drinking alcohol, soda, and caffeinated beverages, and switch to purified water and green tea without caffeine. You can use stevia extract to make it sweet. Getting daily exercise and sunlight can often help, as well.

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