Costa Rica

Life in Costa Rica

Life in Costa Rica is like a mango on a plate: easy on the eyes and sweet on the lips.

What does that mean? Hell yes, I know but it sounds good!

Life in Costa Rica is very different from life in California, where I grew up. In California, we always rushed for something, usually powerless. In Costa Rica, we hardly ever run anywhere, in fact, if someone pushes us to make a decision now or to make an appointment or give an arrival time, it offends us to the point that we won’t even go! It’s like the dentist, why make an appointment with the dentist when the day comes when you don’t want to go anyway? I go to the dentist when I feel like it, not on an appointment.

The only difference is going out with girls. When I meet a beautiful girl, and I do it every day in Costa Rica, I often dream of living forever in her arms. To this end, one must taste wine, dine, and seduce with charm and tough competition. This is the only reason I will make an appointment, I will actually set a time to be somewhere.

In Costa Rica, it is as if time stands still. Or as if there was no time at all or all the time in the world. The time in Costa Rica is not the same as in the United States or Canada. The time in Costa Rica is endless. We often say “I have all the time in the world” while we are here in Costa Rica. But really what we mean is that we are relaxed, we have no worries, we are not in a hurry, we have everything we need, so why worry?

If you are ready for a new way of life without time limitations, come and try it in Costa Rica.

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