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I’m busy selling houses, why blog?

Well then … why blog? Whether you’re just getting your license or a grizzled industry veteran, you probably already appreciate that while blogging may seem reserved for hipsters and poets, it’s an incredibly powerful lead generation tool for those in the real estate industry. If you are not constantly blogging, you are losing a tremendous amount of potential in new local visitor traffic to other real estate agents who have more Internet knowledge.

In the past, real estate agents could rely on networks, referrals, and a few ads to gather more business than they might possibly need, but those days are over. With ruthless competition for every potential home buyer and seller available, an agent needs to explore all marketing avenues that have the potential to generate results.

Your prospective new clients are searching for your services online with keywords like “Best Real Estate Agents near me“, “Tips for Selling Homes in Australia“, “New House Price in Sydney “, “Professional Nepali Real Estate Broker” etc. If your website and blog don’t appear in search results, these potential customers will never find you. Every blog content you develop for customers should be designed to attract local visitors, giving them the opportunity to capture and convert them into new customers.

real estate headlinesThink of each new blog post as a “landing page,” with traffic from Google’s organic search engines, Bing, and other websites your primary source of visitors. If each new post receives only ten visits per month, six months of blog translates to 6,000 additional visits to the website. You will likely be able to use 6,000 additional opportunities to convert new customers; If you are not blogging, you are reaching zero.

Below are some of the common issues, problems, and challenges we hear from real estate agents:

I’m too busy to bother writing on my blog

As it should be, you are running a business! The average real estate agent has more than enough with their open doors, meetings, networking events, and everything in between to have to worry about making sure they get a well written daily blog post. If You Are Spending Your Own Time By writing your blog, you are wasting time that could be better spent. Let us take care of the development of your blog; we will focus on attracting new people so you can focus on closing them and adding them to your growing business.

I am fighting a war with thousands of other agents!

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It is each agent for him, and if he is not taking advantage of any competitive advantage he may have in his hands, he will lose the war for possible new clients. Fortunately, a high percentage of real estate agents blog infrequently (or don’t blog at all), leaving them with boring and static websites that don’t attract a lot of search engine traffic like Google. Every blog post we produce for you is based on new prospective lead traffic ready to become a buy or sell the customer.

I have a marketing consultant but they don’t blog

If you’re already working with a dedicated marketing consultant or website service, they’re likely to leave the blog writing to you or outsource it to a professional team (like us!) And stick with the difference. You can choose to work directly with us, or we can work together with your advisor (s) to help you achieve the goals of your website visitor and online lead generation. We are happy to be part of the team that takes your website, and your business, to the top.


SEO Expert NepalThe bottom line: The real estate sector is a fiercely competitive game; If your marketing strategy is not fired on all cylinders using all possible channels, you are losing new business. Your blog should be regularly updated with content that attracts new eyes so that you can close them on new business. These potential clients will need a real estate agent at some point in the future … will they find it? If you are Satisfied and agree with my points then contact Mr. Prakash Humagain for more ideas and marketing. First of all, We areĀ Ennovative Web, and ourĀ SEO Expert will help you to grow your business all over Australia. We are an award-winning top-rated best SEO Company Sydney. You can simply hire a professionalĀ Digital Marketing to boost your website and rank you top.

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