The FOUR party ingredients YOU need to know...

A boring party is something we've all experienced. The atmosphere is lifeless & you'd rather be at home curled up in bed drinking booze than out on the town. To avoid hosting boring parties, or turn up a boring party follow these four simple rules!

1. Play good music.

A well-chosen playlist can create or break the atmosphere at a party. My favourite aspect of a party is the music, and I'll pick that over the people any day! Throwback classics that everyone can sing along to are the tunes of choice. Get into some nasty bangers or whatever suits the mood of the party after the night has begun.

2. Fresh air.

To avoid a stuffy environment, ensure that the location has enough ventilation. An overcrowded, stuffy room where individuals sweat a lot and stink like they've been in a cubicle for days on end is the pits. If possible, an open floor plan that allows for seamless transitions between the inside and outside is desirable. You may also use an air conditioner or a window to let fresh air in.

3. An inclusive environment.

In addition, splitting people into separate rooms of the house is an easy way to wreck the vibe of the party. Try to limit the amount of rooms being used & have all the singing and chit-chatting in the same space. An open space should not make people feel alienated from one another, but rather should encourage social interaction.

4. Stay hydrated.

When I've had one too many I live by the motto, "get on the waters." For a good night out, it's best to keep yourself well-hydrated and eat something to keep your energy levels stable through the night. Think of it as a kind of delayed gratification; you'll be able to have more fun during the party and not have to worry about a hangover the next day.

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