The 6 BIG Mistakes YOU make in Beer Pong

1. You fill the cups too much.

To minimise the risk of spillage, filling a plastic cup all the way to the brim has merit. Although, a big downfall to this tactic is that you’ll have to drink considerably more when your opponent hits a shot. Too much booze in too little time is a formula for catastrophe, as we've all learned the hard way.

You’re probably thinking, "What should I do?! Fill my cup to the brim & drink too much or only a little bit with the chance of it getting tipped over..?"

Stainless Steel cups were developed by Red Cup as a result of this, allowing you to use only one standard drink to fill all the cups in a game.

2. Playing with an incorrect setup

Fast-paced beer-pong games are the best way to have fun with your friends. For beginners playing one-on-one games, we recommend using 6 rather than 10 cups. This leads to the games being more action-packed and less tedious! Perhaps then you may play a 10-cup game after you've found your rhythm of getting your balls wet. 

3. Standing too far back from the table.

We all know someone who exploits beer pong's elbow rule. Don't be that person, but do keep an eye on how far you are from the tables' edges. To put it another way, it's like shooting half-court shots instead of free throws in basketball; it's much easier when you’re closer to the target.

4. Excessively sharp shooting

Another basketball comparison is in order! When Steph Curry shoots the ball with a loopy trajectory, he increases the chances of making a successful shot. In other words, do what Steph is doing and shoot with a greater loop to get more shots in!

5. Not working angles.

Remember to move around the table if you find yourself throwing at a straight line of cups. As a result, you don’t need to be overly concerned about the shot's length. Making you able to pay greater attention to the shot's line and loopiness!

6. Not having a consistent shot.

Perhaps the most challenging mistake to rectify in the blog. Particularly, since you become increasingly cumbersome the more you drink. You should, however, stick to releasing the ball with the same two fingers every time.

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